Where We Left Everyone In “Only Murders In The Building”

I need the new season bassooner rather than later.

Only Murders in the Building is (almost) back, baby!

It’s been nearly eight months since the first season ended, and a lot happened in the finale.

Here’s what was going on with the trio et al by the end of Season 1:



Poor Charles. While he spends the majority of the first season making two good friends and one good podcast, he also spends a good chunk of it dating the very murderer he was trying to find. In the finale, he’s poisoned by that same murderer, and in the last minutes of the season, discovers Mabel covered in blood and kneeling in front of a body. He’s then arrested, along with…



Oliver doesn’t have it so great in the first season, either. He’s constantly facing eviction, and his dog, Winnie, is poisoned (and fortunately makes a full recovery, thanks to Oliver’s veterinarian son, Will). The arrest is really just the cherry on top.

My beauty


It seemed like the finale was going pretty well for Mabel — she got to deck Tim Kono’s murderer in the face and finally finished her big Arconia resident mural. Then it all goes to hell, and she spends the last few minutes of the season covered in blood, wearing “it’s not what it looks like” (it never is), and being arrested for the murder of…



The last time we see the Arconia’s board president alive is when she’s reluctantly telling Oliver and Mabel that they (and Charles) are no longer being evicted — and being called “the most hated person in the building” and a “cranky old bitch” by Mabel (which will probably come back and bite her in the ass). Bunny ultimately meets a grisly fate in the finale—Mabel’s knitting needle to the heart.



After spending the season pretending to be a mild-mannered bassoonist with a penchant for puns (a punchant, if you will), Jan turns out to be one who murdered Tim Kono — who’d broken up with her just days earlier. Once the trio figures her out, she poisons Charles and is all set to gas the entire building (courtesy of the newly opened fireplaces), but is ultimately thwarted by Mabel (and Oliver and Charles to a lesser extent). Since she was arrested before Bunny’s death, it’s safe to say she’s not to blame for that one.



With his name clear, Oscar was finally free to start living a normal life again and date Mabel. Now that she appears to be on the hook for Bunny’s murder, though, it’s likely the whole normalcy thing is on hold. We last see him tearfully watching Mabel and the others being hauled off by the cops.



The last look we get of Uma is a mean one. Her bestie is dead and she is pissed. (Or maybe guilty — honestly, at this point, who knows?) Either way, she closes out the season by shooting daggers at the trio as they’re being arrested.

Teddy and Theo


After being outed as grave robbers and murderers on the podcast, the father-son duo was last seen moments away from being arrested. A neighbor’s Ring camera footage, however, revealed Teddy and Theo weren’t even in the Arconia when Tim was killed. Of course, they still have to deal with the grave robbing charges (and Zoe’s death, in Theo’s case).

Detective Williams


What a whirlwind Detective Williams has been through. The last we see of her is when she (wisely) tells Charles, Oliver, and Mabel to keep their mouths shut (in so many words), before helping escort them to a cop car.

The Superfans


Grant, Paulette, Marv, and Sam are last seen—unsurprisingly—outside the Arconia in their signature tie-dye OMITB sweatshirts, watching their heroes be arrested.



Moments before the season closes with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel being loaded into the back of a police car, Cinda is seen claiming credit for her assistant Poppy’s idea to name her next podcast Only Murderers in the Building.

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