How to duplicate the allay in Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft version 1.19 brought a few mobs into the game, including the helpful allay, which can pick up loose items and blocks for the player.

Interestingly enough, Minecraft’s most-recent preview update also allows players to duplicate the allay. This is similar to breeding in a sense, but it only requires one allay to initiate.


The process does have a cooldown, but players can do it as many times as they’d like.

Players will need specific materials to get started. Once they obtain them, they should be able to easily and effectively duplicate the allay without much effort.

Minecraft players need amethyst shards, a music disc and a jukebox block to duplicate the allay

The alley carrying a Totem of Undying (Image via Mojang)
The alley carrying a Totem of Undying (Image via Mojang)

In order to duplicate an allay, Minecraft players will need to ensure they’re playing in the version 1.19.10 preview beta or snapshot. The method has been tested on this version and does not appear to work on the standard 1.19.0 update.

Obviously, the upcoming preview has altered the allay’s behavior and has allowed for it to duplicate. Players will want to be certain they’re playing in the most recent Java Edition snapshot or Bedrock Edition beta.

Once Minecraft players are in-game, they’ll need a few items and blocks to go along with their allay. These items are amethyst shards, a music disc of any type and a jukebox block.

Music discs are usually the trickiest to obtain, though the easiest manner of doing so is trapping a creeper and tricking a skeleton into killing it with its arrows. Doing so will drop a creeper music disc for the jukebox.

However, this pertains strictly to Survival Mode, as Creative Mode players can simply pluck what they need from the inventory screen.


Steps players can follow to duplicate the allay

  1. With the alley nearby, place your jukebox block. It can be placed anywhere as long as players keep it close to the allay. Placing it too far away will render the mob incapable of hearing its music.
  2. Insert the music disc into the jukebox. Doing so will cause the allay to drop what it’s doing and begin dancing.
  3. As the allay dances and before the music disc ceases, take an amethyst shard and use it on the allay. Doing so will cause the mob to duplicate. There is a two-and-a-half-minute cooldown period before the allay can be duplicated once again.

This new implementation makes for an interesting set of possibilities. Now that Minecraft players can turn one allay into many, the capabilities of these mobs are magnified.

With multiple allays at a player’s beck and call, interesting new methods of collecting items can be pursued. Players can give each new allay a block or item and watch as they venture out into loaded chunks and collect what is required from players.

This should save players plenty of time running about and collecting items themselves. Moreover, the allay will do so at no charge.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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