Camille Vasquez and Chew answer the questions

Johnny Depp’s lawyers Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez, during their first tell-all interview, on Wednesday answered the questions reagrading highly-publicized Deep vs Herd trial.

Ben Chew and Camille Vasquez’s answers to Good Morning America’s host George Stephanopoulos.

social media

— Johnny Depp’s lawyers say social media “played no role” in influencing Amber Heard verdict

— “This was a decision made by the jury on the evidence presented by both sides.”

— Chew sees “[no] reason to believe that the jurors violated their oath”.

— He was disappointed to hear that Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft had claimed otherwise.

Reacting to the Aquaman star’s claims, Depp’s attorneys said it was Amber Heard’s own words that helped the jury reach its verdict.


When asked how they thought the case would influence the #MeToo movement, Vasquez expressed her belief that it wouldn’t have a negative impact, saying: “domestic violence has no gender.”

— “We encourage any victim to come forward… We believe that the verdict speaks for itself, the facts are what they were, the jury made a unanimous decision based on those facts.”

The Jury

Reacting to the Aquaman star’s claims, Depp’s attorneys said it was Amber Heard’s own words that helped the jury reach its verdict.

— Vasquez added the jury was “admonished every single night,” and that “they had a tremendous amount of respect for the court and the process, and they were doing they best that they could.”

Why did the jury not believe Amber Heard’s claims?

“Something that we focused on in that cross-examination was using her words against her. It was important to us that any question that was asked was tied to something she had said previously. And the jury got to see, the world got to see and hear, from Ms Heard in that relationship on every single topic.”

Ben continued: “There was a real contrast. Johnny took ownership of a lot of things. And it seemed at times that while [Amber] had an answer for everything and she wasn’t taking accountability for anything. And I think that made a difference.”

Depp’s reaction to the overwhelming victory

— “It was emotional. We were so thrilled for him. It was a great moment, said the teary-eyed attorney.”

— “He was euphoric. To me. he always looks great. But that day, he looked ten years younger. I mean, he looked like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders,” he continued.

UK denomination Suit

The attorney also offered insights into the UK libel suit and revealed the real reason Mr Depp was able to win in the US.

— “They had different disclosure obligations…and the overwhelming evidence that was presented in this case in Virginia far exceeded what was presented in the UK. And we believe the jury got it right.”

Johnny Depp filed the $50 million (£40 million) lawsuit against his ex-wife over a 2018 op-ed article in The Washington Post, in which she claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse.

On June 1, the jury ruled in favor of Depp and awarded him a total of $15 million (£12 million) in damages. Heard now plans to appeal against the verdict.

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