Princess Märtha Of Norway Got Engaged To Her Celebrity Spiritual Hacker Boyfriend

June 8, 2022 / Posted by: Emily

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, celebrity healer, “risen-from-the-dead spiritual guide,” self-professed sixth-generation shaman, third-generation psychic, and “spiritual hacker” Durek Verrettaka Shaman Durek. These two went public with their love back in 2019, and have hosted controversial spiritual seminars using the title “The Princess and the Shaman” (Vanity Fair used the same title for their 2020 interview with the couple). To say Norwegians aren’t impressed with their princess’ choice of man is an understatement; polls show 92% of the country believe Shaman Durek is a charlatan. They compare him to Rasputin. The couple blames the criticism on racism. Either way, Norwegians better change their tune, cuz if enough people die, Shaman Durek could be their future king!

50-year-old Princess Märtha (who doesn’t use the princess title when she’s doing spiritual influencer business) and 47-year-old Shaman Durek announced their engagement with matching photos on Instagram. Märtha thanks her friends and family who’ve supported their relationship, and the charlatan-shaman says the couple will change the world with their love:

This is Märtha’s second marriage. She wed author Ari Behn in 2002, and they have three daughters: Maud Angelica19, Leah Isadora17, and Emma Tallulah13. The couple divorced in 2017, and Ari died by suicide on Christmas Day 2019.

Then there’s Shaman Durek’s very interesting romantic history. He was formerly married to Zaneta Marzalkova, a Los Angeles resident of Czech nationality. In 2008 Durek reported her to immigration authorities as an illegal resident. She was jailed and deported, and they divorced the following year. Durek has said his wife exploited him for a green card. A few years later Durek got engaged to a masseur named Hank Greenberg. They broke it off in 2015, and later Hank accused the shaman of being violent and manipulative. His former manager, Tiana Griegohas claimed that Durek brainwashed her, controlled her whole life, and forbade her from raising her son or starting romantic relationships.

Other fun information about Shaman Durek: he was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison (the crime is unclear), but only served one year. He claims he was “born into the lineages of Haitian voodoo and indigenous Norwegian medicine,” but, as many have pointed out, there’s no such thing as indigenous Norwegian medicine or even indigenous Norwegians. Durek also alleges that, many years ago, his so-called psychic mother predicted that he’d end up with a Norwegian princess (that’s so specific). Oh, and he claims he foresaw 9/11 two years before it happened, but didn’t do anything about it cuz everyone must “accept their destiny.”

There’s also a bunch of shit about Reptilian conspiracy theories, cancer being self-inflicted, chemotherapy being fake, and the idea that casual sex exposes the vagina to evil underground spirits (don’t worry, the shaman sells a cure!). Finally, Durek is besties with Gwyneth Paltrowwhom he refers to as his “soul sister.” That might be the reddest flag of all!

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