Every Incense Pokemon spawn in Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 has several ways for trainers to encounter and catch their favorite Pokemon.

Players participating in GO Fest 2022 can find special Raids, hatch Eggs, and hunt down wild Pokemon to add to their collection. The ones that pop up in the wild don’t have to be completely random if players use an Incense.


They will never know what Pokemon will appear, but they can drastically increase their chances of having a wild Pokemon show up. During GO Fest 2022, using an Incense might even bring out some exclusive Pokemon for ticket-holders.

All Pokemon with Incense boosts in Pokemon GO Fest 2022

As Pokemon GO Fest 2022 rolls on, different habitats will be in the rotation. These “habitats” are certain periods where specific Pokemon will spawn associated with the respective habitat.

Once one habitat is done, another will take its place, and the roster of creatures found in-game will change. Every habitat will have exclusive Pokemon that can only be encountered with an active Incense.

Don’t forget, Trainers!Regardless of whether you have a ticket or not, this weekend will feature four rotating habitat hours from 10 am to 6 pm local time! #PokemonGOFest2022

There are also a number of different Pokemon that will be lured to a trainer’s Incense throughout GO Fest 2022. They don’t require a certain habitat to be active, ileut will appear all weekend when an Incense is being used.

The following are the Pokemon that have a chance to appear when a trainer activates an Incense:

  • Unown B
  • Unown G
  • Unown O
  • Unown U

When it comes to habitat-specific Incense spawns, the following is each one that may appear during Pokemon GO Fest 2022:

  • City: Trainers with an active Incense during the City habitat rotation may encounter Klink and Galarian Weezing.
  • Plains: Trainers who use an Incense while the Plains habitat is live may come across Torkoal and Axew.
  • rain forest: The Rainforest habitat will potentially see Tropius and Pancham lured to trainers while an Incense is being used.
  • Tundra: Those will choose to activate an Incense during the Tundra habitat may be lucky enough to find Galarian Mr. Mime and Galarian Darumaka.

Some of these Pokemon have an increased chance of appearing in their shiny form, while others are considered the rarity due to appearing worldwide during GO Fest rather than in their specific region.

Those Pokemon are Torkoal and Tropius. Torkoal is a regional Pokemon for India, Oman, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, and other surrounding areas. Tropius is usually only available in South Africa, with more encounters noted in Cape Town.

Be sure to keep Incense active as often as possible for the best chance to catch the above creatures in Pokemon GO. During GO Fest 2022, trainers can stack Incense, allowing one to activate immediately when the prior one expires.

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