Anker GaNPrime Chargers Deliver More Power to More Devices at Once

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  • Anker’s new GanPrime compact chargers deliver more power efficiently to more devices.
  • The flagship Anker 747 Charger has three USB-C ports that can deliver up to 150W.
  • They use new technology to adjust power for each connected device dynamically.

Anker is known for making some of the best chargers you can buy, and the company just announced a new lineup that can charge more devices at faster speeds more efficiently, while keeping the charger sizes compact. The series, called GaNPrime, is based on the new GaN 3 charging technology.

Taking Anker’s new top-end 747 Charger as an example, you can charge three USB-C devices at the same time with a greater likelihood of charging those devices at their top charging speeds.

Anker GaNPrime 747 USB charger plugged into an outlet with a USB-C cable attached.

Anker GaNPrime 747 USB charger with three USB-C port and one USB-A port. The charger can deliver up to 150 watts of power to multiple devices, including a laptop.

The Shu/Insider

With its 150W charging capacity, the Anker 747 could charge a laptop at 100W, a tablet at 25W, and a phone at 25W at the same time. Charging three USB-C devices simultaneously is already an improvement over Anker’s previous GaN chargers, which maxed out at two USB-C ports.

The Anker 737 Charger with GaNPrime and PowerIQ 4.0.


GaN, short for gallium nitride, has become a popular material used for chargers because it produces less heat and allows for smaller form-factors. The third generation of GaN allows for delivery of more power and ports. Combined with Anker’s PowerIQ 4.0 tech, the GaNPrime chargers use an algorithm to automatically adjust the charging power that multiple devices need. For example, it’ll lower the charging power for a fully charged phone while prioritizing power delivery for a laptop that’s low on battery.

An Anker GaNPrime 747 charger next to an Apple 87-watt charger.

The Anker GaNPrime 747 charger is more compact than Apple’s 87-watt USB-C charger, yet the Anker charger delivers more power and can support more devices.

The Shu/Insider

Besides USB-C, the new chargers also support USB-A devices. The GaNPrime series also includes a power bank, charging station, and power strip — available in various models and capacities.

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