Stadia gets three more indie games on the schedule

Google Stadia saw its history shaken up this week and also dropped three more indie games on the schedule for this summer. Here’s everything you need to know.

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New games on Google Stadia

No new games were added to Stadia this week, but we should see a couple of new titles next week with June’s Pro games.

Google has added 24 new games to Stadia during this calendar year. In 2021, Google delivered 107 new titles to the Stadia library, and the company promises at least 100 new games during 2022, a tall order at this current rate.

Games coming to Stadia

Today, Google confirmed three more games on the schedule for Stadia, all indie titles. These games are set to arrive throughout the summer, as soon as next week. All three games come from existing Stadia publishers.

First, Through The Darkest of Times will arrive on June 1 for $14.99. Next up, Those Who Remain will debut in July. And finally, Mighty Switch Force! Collection will arrive “soon.” There’s no set date for that game.


Ghost Recon: Breakpoint saves have disappeared

Some Stadia users have reported across Reddit and forums that their saves in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint have disappeared. Saves seem to simply be gone, with no recovery option besides manually replaying the game. While issues like this can happen on any platform, they’re particularly frustrating on Stadia, as there’s no way to interact with your save. The issue seems to affect the vast majority of Breakpoint players on Stadia.

Google has confirmed it is investigating the issue.

Stadia gets a history revision

This week, Google and AT&T announced that Control: Ultimate Edition would be made available for free to AT&T customers through Google’s Immersive Stream for Games technology. This means the game is running through the same back end as Stadia, but with AT&T’s design on top.

Speaking to 9to5Google Earlier this week, Google confirmed that Stadia is now considered to be a product of Immersive Stream for Games, rather than the other way around. In our Kyle Bradshaw’s view, that’s a good thing!

If Stadia is simply a product of Immersive Stream for Games, then Google’s ability to license out and improve on Immersive Stream will allow for improvements that Stadia players should benefit from over time.

In this author’s view, this is actually a far better state of affairs for Stadia, as the service’s fate is no longer tied to its own success.

Project Z closes crowdfunding

The indie game Projekt Z, which blueprints a release on Stadia, failed to reach its goal on Kickstarter, with only around 35% of its funding actually arriving. The developer said that there’s a “guarantee” that the project is “not in danger.”

Marvel’s Avengers 2.4

Released earlier this week, Marvel’s Avengers has picked up its v2.4 update which revamps the rewards system entirely. You can read everything about the new patch in the official changelog.

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