Ms. Marvel Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained

This post contains full spoilers for Ms. Marvel and other MCU properties. If you’re not caught up yet, check out our spoiler-free Ms. Marvel finale review.

Ms. Marvel’s debut season appeared to be a slice of life family drama about New Jersey’s most famous young superhero, Kamala Khan. Throughout her introduction, the six episodes have explored intergenerational relationships, introduced a new secret society in the Clandestines, and told a heartbreaking family story about partition. But in its final episode the show had an immense final reveal which shifts everything we know about the MCU. Don’t worry, we’re here to break down that massive ending and answer your burning questions about what it all means.

Ms. Marvel Ending Explained

In a finale episode that distinctly shifts tone, suddenly feeling very much like a certain ’00s superhero franchise, Ms. Marvel–in her new Muneeba-designed costume–and her friends have to evade the grips of an ever-encroaching Department of Damage Control (DODC). The ragtag crew end up hiding in the local high school where they face down against the militarized government forces with wit and grit. Kamala and her friends ultimately come out on top but a new threat has emerged in Kamran’s unbelievable–and understandable–grief. The loss of his mother and new powers mean he’s become a danger to himself and others. Luckily, Kamala manages to convince him that he can still have a life and do good even after making violent mistakes. It’s an emotional moment and one that seeds a lifelong connection as she saves Kamran from the DODC. In a classic comic book moment, when the DODC tries to take Kamala, the New Jersey community who was watching the whole thing comes together to protect her from the cops.

As the episode comes to an end we see Kamala celebrated as a hero with TikTok trends and videos, including an appearance from Ms. Marvel co-creator G. Willow Wilson. As she sits on the roof with her father, he helps her come up with her superhero name. It turns out that Kamala in Urdu means wonder…. or Marvel, so to them she’s always been their Ms. Marvel.

However, the show’s biggest reveal comes in the final moments of the episode when Bruno tells Kamala that her powers seem to come from her genes, but not in the way they originally thought. Bruno reveals her “genes are different, like a mutation.” And as he says it, they play the iconic X-Men ’97 (nee ’92) theme, confirming that Kamala is likely a real X-Men style mutant.

Was Kamala Khan a Mutant in the Comics?

That’s a no. In the comics, Kamala Khan followed a long tradition of characters who were teased to be mutants but actually weren’t. Rather, she’s an Inhuman, a race of highly evolved humans that live on the moon and get their powers through Terrigenesis. That process means that Inhumans are exposed to the Terrigen Mist and it reveals their superpowers. In the comics, Ms. Marvel got her powers after a Terrigen bomb was dropped on New Jersey. A lot of comic book fans felt like the only reason that Kamala was made an Inhuman was because of the fact that at the time Marvel Studios didn’t have the license to make X-Men movies and were trying to introduce more Inhuman heroes. So the choice to retcon that here and make Kamala a mutant feels full circle.

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