Published on Main tops Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list for 2022

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants just unveiled its comprehensive list of the 100 best spots to dine across the country, and Vancouver-based eateries account for nearly 20% of the winners.

In addition to having a whopping 18 dining establishments make the ranking overall, one local spot snagged the top spot on the prestigious list: Published on Main.

For the very first time on this list, a Vancouver restaurant has been ranked number one in the country.

Located at 3593 Main Street in Vancouver, the globally inspired menu is brought to us by Executive Chef Gus Stieffenhofer-Brandson​.

The cuisine from this spot has been wowing patrons since it opened back in winter 2019. Published is known for offering a selection of contemporary grub with a focus on using local and sustainable ingredients.

It also has a stellar bar program.

Published wasn’t the only local place to get some love on the list, as there are 17 other places that ranked as well.

Destination for classic French/Québécois cuisine St. Lawrence placed at number three, while Boulevard landed ninth.

Other mentions this year include Oca Pastificio, Hawksworth, Kissa Tanto, La Quercia, AnnaLena, and iconic sushi restaurant Tojo’s.

Check out all the Vancouver restaurants that made the cut on the full list below:

1 Published (Vancouver)

2 Alo (Toronto)

3 St. Lawrence (Vancouver)

4 The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON)

5 Langdon Hall (Cambridge)

6 Mon Lapin Wine (Montreal)

7 Edulis (Toronto)

8 Canoe (Toronto)

9 Boulevard (Vancouver)

10 River Café (Calgary)

11 Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto)

12 Major Tom (Calgary)

13 Bar Kismet (Halifax)

14 Giulia (Toronto)

15 Dreyfus (Toronto)

16 Beba (Verdun)

17 Monarch (Montreal)

18 DOP (Calgary)

19 Shoushin (Toronto)

20 Giulietta (Toronto)

21 L’Express (Montreal)

22 Shokunin (Calgary)

23 Oca Pastificio (Vancouver)

24 Le Mousso (Montreal)

25 Hawksworth (Vancouver)

26 Joe Beef (Montreal)

27 Bernhardts (Toronto)

28 Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto)

29 Kissa Tanto (Vancouver)

30 Tipsy (Toronto)

31 Montreal Plaza (Montreal)

32 La Quercia (Vancouver)

33 Mimi Chinese (Toronto)

34 Scaramouche (Toronto)

35 East (Toronto)

36 Eight (Calgary)

37 Pluvio (Ucluelet, BC)

38 Bar Isabel (Toronto)

39 Pastel (Montreal)

40 North & Navy (Ottawa)

41 Anna Lena (Vancouver)

42 Hexagon (Oakville)

43 Riviera (Ottawa)

44 Supply and Demand (Ottawa)

45 Pichai (Montreal)

46 Tojo (Vancouver)

47 Testu Sushi Bar (Vancouver)

48 The Slaughterhouse (Vancouver)

49 Jun I (Montreal)

50 Alice (Ottawa)

51 The Pine (Collingwood, ON)

52 Le Vin Papillon (Montreal)

53 Alma (Outremont)

54 Primal (Saskatoon)

55 Public House (Montreal)

56 Workshop (Ottawa)

57 Beckta (Ottawa)

58 Nora Gray (Montreal)

59 Milos (Montreal)

60 Il Pagliaccio (Montreal)

61 Botanist (Vancouver)

62 Hearth (Saskatoon)

63 Nupo (Calgary)

64 20 Victoria (Toronto)

65 Marconi (Montreal)

66 The Inn at Bay Fortune (Bay Fortune, PEI)

67 La Taniere (Quebec City)

68 Maenam (Vancouver)

69 Gia (Montreal)

70 Floating Island (Montreal)

71 La Cabane d’à Côté (St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC)

72 Ten Foot Henry (Calgary)

73 Bearfoot Bistro (Whistler)

74 Mack (Winnipeg)

75 Savio Volpe (Vancouver)

76 Quetzals (Toronto)

77 Les Fougeres (Chelsea, QC)

78 Say Mercy! (Vancouver)

79 Baan Lao (Richmond, BC)

80 Enigma (Toronto)

81 Mastard (Montreal)

82 Lulu Bar (Calgary)

83 Close Company (Winnipeg)

84 Beaumont (Montreal)

85 Paloma (Montreal)

86 JinBar (Calgary)

87 Orchard (Calgary)

88 Battuto (Quebec)

89 Araxi (Whistler, BC)

90 Cioppino’s (Vancouver)

91 Elena (Montreal)

92 Alobar (Yorkville)

93 Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

94 Alma (Toronto)

95 Bacchus (Vancouver)

96 Nightingale (Vancouver)

97 Arvi (Quebec City)

98 Foreign Concept (Calgary)

99 Aburi Hana (Toronto)

100 Joso’s (Toronto)

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