Simu Liu Defends Henry Golding And Crazy Rich Asians Stars After Accidentally Opening Up The Door For A Casting Debate

Simu Liu became a massive star this past year in particular when he debuted a new Marvel hero in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Now that the Chinese-Canadian has found his big break as a Hollywood star, he has recently been opening up about his road to fame, with one bump in the road being that he auditioned and got rejected from a role in Crazy Rich Asians. Following his recent comments, it has sparked a debate about Henry Golding and the movie itself, which Liu has now come back around to defend.

For over a week, Simu Liu’s brief run-in with Crazy Rich Asians has been a hot button topic the internet has been discussing. Let’s break down everything that happened:

What Simu Liu Said About His Experience With Crazy Rich Asians

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