SNL Exits: David Spade Explains Why It’s Wild People Like Pete Davidson Make It 8 Or More Years

Saturday Night Live‘s recent season finale saw Pete Davidson leave the show alongside other cast members like Kate McKinnon. These departures came after months of speculation, which especially swirled around Davidson. What’s still interesting, however, is the lengthy stints the stars had on the show. SNL tenures were arguably shorter back in the day, just ask series alum David Spade. Following the most recent exits, Spade explained why it’s wild that people like Davidson stay for eight or more years.

During SNL‘s 1990s rebirth, the Just Shoot Me actor, along with Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Chris Rock, and other players didn’t stay at 30 Rockefeller Plaza too long. David Spade stayed with the sketch series for six years before his film and TV career took off. That was the usual trajectory for most Saturday Night Live alums. But in recent times, viewers have seen cast members stay much longer. When speaking to TMZ, Spade admitted that he wouldn’t have been able to stick around too long:

Well listen, people stay longer now. I stayed four years, no I think six. I think Sandler stayed five, Farley five… I think people leave because it’s such a fucking beating, you know? It’s tough on the brains and it’s tough on the body. And it’s just a hard place to be. The ones that go 8, 9, 10 years, I can’t even believe it.

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