Best, Worst, Awkward Moments BET Awards 2022

The Michael B. Jordan joke was a choice…

The BET Awards were last night, and WOW, did they deliver A+ entertainment. They gave us surprise performances, audio malfunctions, awkward moments, and more.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Here are 7 superb moments, and 7 awkward ones too.


AWKWARD: Giveon missed, um, a few notes and then seemingly blamed it on the microphone:

this was funny asf ngl. im sorry to giveon but lmao seeing him struggling to pull out that lil note had me yelling and screaming😭 #BETAwards

BET / Via Twitter: @_Mcrankosa


SUPERB: Jazmine Sullivan spoke directly to men, saying that abortion is “not just a woman’s issue” and that men need to “stand up for us” after Roe v. Wade was overturned:

Jazmine Sullivan, speaking to men: “If you have ever benefited from a woman making one of the toughest decision of her life — terminating a pregnancy — you need to stand up.” #BETAwards



AWKWARD: Giveon then doubled down on Twitter and blamed BET for “sabotaging” his microphone:

Twitter: @giveon


AWKWARD: Kanye West arrived like this and said he wanted to declare himself “legally dead for a year” and “off the grid”:



AWKWARD: Jussie Smollett made his first red carpet debut in years, and first one since he was charged with filing a false police report in 2019:

Amy Sussman/Getty Images


SUPERB: Jack Harlow wore a Lil Nas X shirt after Lil Nas was snubbed in all nominations, despite having a big year:

Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images for BET


AWKWARD: The City Girls called out Jessie Woo, who criticized Diddy for not thanking Yung Miami in his speech after she held a sign for him:

Oops! The City Girls clapped back at Jessie Woo over the tweet she made about Diddy’s acceptance speech during the BET Awards 👀 📸:(@gettyimages )

Twitter: @TheShadeRoom / Via BET

Here’s the sign in question:


SUPERB: Lizzo gave a flute-tastic performance:

Now that’s how you open a show!!! @Lizzo just gave us another ICONIC moment!! #BETAwards #CulturesBiggestNight



AWKWARD: Cute from Sistas made a very cringey joke. “These are trying times, and we have to lean on each other,” she said. “I wanna offer my personal shoulder to lean on to Michael B. Jordan.”


What did y’all think of these moments? Let me know in the comments below!

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