Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 changes in-game perks

The Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 update has been live since June 22 and has bought tons of new content for the fanbase to enjoy.

The Call of Duty Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune patch has introduced a lot of new substances in the game. New changes to Caldera’s map and the release of the new Fortune’s Keep Resurgence map have been keeping players busy.

The update also introduced four new weapons to the game, along with tons of changes to the stats of existing weapons. There have also been changes to the perks attached to custom loadouts. With the rarest drop rate, five more perks have been added to the ground loot.


Changes to Perks in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 alter gameplay

Perks in Call of Duty are a part of custom loadouts that give players special abilities and bonuses when equipped. The Perks have been a part of the franchise for a long time and are likely to stay in the game even longer.

The latest batch of Perks were added to Ground Loot in #Warzone Season 4, along with some changes to other Perks like Battle Hardened.

The Call of Duty Season 4 update brought some exciting changes to the in-game Perks. This will cause some variation in the playstyle of the operators. These are the following changes to the Perks that came as a part of the Season 4 update:

1) The following perks have been added as part of ground loot with the lowest spawn frequency in Call of Duty Warzone:

  • Ghost
  • Combat Scout
  • Double Time
  • Cold Blooded
  • Amped

2) The Battle Hardened perk has been given a significant buff. Resistance from Stun and Flash Grenades has been increased to 70% from 40% when equipped with this perk.

3) The Scavenger perk now adds $500 to the scavenger pouch for every enemy the player has killed.

4) The Hardline perk now provides a 25% discount on all the Buy Station Items. This list does include the Loadout Drop Marker.

The above changes will bring exciting shifts in the game’s dynamics. With the addition of these five perks that are now a part of the ground loot, eight more perks were added to the ground loot last season of Call of Duty Warzone.

Thus, players will have many more options in choosing how they approach a situation if they get a good ground loot perk. But keep in mind that Perks are considered a Legendary Loot, which means their spawn probability is also the lowest.

With the changes made to Hardline, it will be very lucrative for the squad in Call of Duty Warzone if one of their members runs with the perk. Scavengers will also be powerful in the hands of aggressive Resurgence players. They will be able to quickly wrack up money to buy various items at Buy Stations, thus giving them various tactical advantages over their enemies.

Best Perks to play in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

Season 4 Update on Call of Duty Warzone has brought tons of new stuff into the game for the playerbase to enjoy. But a proper selection of perks will ease the player’s experience on the battlefield. The following are some of the best perks that a player can equip in their loadouts:



  • Serpentine – This is the latest perk that has been added to the game and is quite a powerfun slot one perk. Serpentine is a defensive perk that reduces the incoming damage to players’ base health by 20%. Paired with Stim, this perk can be handy in disengaging from enemies at low health.
  • Cold Blooded – Cold Blooded is an interesting perk as it directly negates the effect of Combat Scout and High Alert. It also makes the players undetectable to AI-Targetting systems and Thermal Scopes.
  • EOD – With the recent buffs to Lethal equipments in the game, EOD is very important. It reduces the damage received from non-kill streak explosions and fires by 45%.
  • Double time – Double time is the best mobility perk in the game. It increases the duration of the tactical sprint by two times. It is a very good perk in the hands of aggressive players.


  • Overkill – This perk is the most practical in the game as it enables players to equip two primary weapons in their loadouts.
  • Restock is a good slot two perk and is favored by many players. This perk restocks the lethal and tactical equipment of players in 25 Seconds (Except Stim, 60 Seconds)
  • Ghost – With the recent increase in usage of recon equipment in Call of Duty Warzone, Ghost is a really good perk to equip. This perk makes the players undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, and Heartbeat Sensors. But let’s keep in mind that ghost works only when the player is mobile.


  • Combat Scout – One of the most useful perks in the game, The Combat Scout temporarily pings the location of the enemy that has been shot to the entire squad.
  • Amped – It is a convenient slot three perk which reduces the swap time of weapons and the reload speed of rocket launchers.
  • Tracker – When this perk is equipped, enemies leave behind a footprint trail. Players can also see markers at enemy death locations and hide the death markers of enemy they kill.

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