Panasonic Reveals New Robust Modular Laptop in the Toughbook Lineup

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The Toughbook series, a brand renowned for its durability, will be having a new addition to its lineup of heavy-duty laptops. Panasonic Connect North America unveiled their latest full-rugged and modular notebook, the Toughbook 40. It is said to deliver more processing power and flexible connectivity choices.


Despite having a more prominent display and beefed-up strength and performance, Toughbook 40 is a pound lighter than its predecessor, Panasonic says. The portable computer lets its users in different fields—such as federal and law enforcement agencies as well as utility businesses—enhance productivity while reducing the cost of operation.

processing power

In times of emergency like the restoration of power after a hurricane or the relaying of sensitive messages in the middle of a military operation, the new Toughbook 40 boasts of an improved clock speed and offers reliable wireless connectivity for such critical situations. It is equipped with the 11th generation of Intel vPro processors, with an option to include a dedicated AMD or Intel Iris Xe graphics processor to handle demanding data loads such as real-time image and video feeds.

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Camera and Video

Toughbook 40 is equipped with a 5-megapixel webcam with a privacy cover for better hardware isolation and infrared capabilities for Windows Hello facial biometric authentication, the company states. This is to cope with the skyrocketing demand for video conferencing and remote services.

Network Connectivity

To aid jobs that need flexible connectivity in areas of weak to no wireless reception, the Toughbook 40 offers a variety of cellular and wireless support which includes a 4G or 5G modem. The modem supports up to 2 Gbps and 5.5 Gbps data streams for 4G and 5G, respectively. The modem also supports physical SIM and eSIM, FirstNet, and CBRS Private LTE for additional connection flexibility. The laptop automatically selects and connects to the best network available.

It also provides additional docking support that makes it future-proof for the continuous evolution of wireless technology. It is also equipped with 4×4 multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) capabilities and high-speed USB and ports to make the most out of its performance. In addition, to give better optimal customization for its users’ needs, it has software selectable pass-throughs for each antenna which is top of the line.

Sound and Display

Full-rugged laptop users often work in extreme environments where sound quality is compromised. To compensate for this, Toughbook 40 boasts of a 4-array microphone and 95dB speakers. Additionally, for environments where light is scarce, the laptop features a backlit keyboard with changeable color, a backlit power button, and improved monitor brightness for easier low-light viewing.

To increase productivity, customizable and programmable buttons are available for fast key access. The company also redesigned its touchpad to be 60% larger than its predecessor. This, in turn, makes navigation smoother and easier to adjust during fast and demanding workloads. The touchpad also features versatile usability in bad weather and even while wearing gloves.

Image from TK Bay YouTube

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